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Get grill-ready this summer with some of the best burger flavour combos, toppings, and pairings around. You can travel the world via your grill with our fresh takes on beef, pork, seafood, and vegan burger patty pairings for tasty ways to hack your best burger.

We take your BBQ burgers to Mexican street-food vendors, get our board shorts on for a surf and turf combo, and head to Korea for a unique and delicious umami flavour sensation. We’ve got all the fixings to take your burger in new directions all summer long.

Mushroom and Swiss Cheeseburger with sauteed onions on an onion bun sitting on a white countertop.

Mushroom and Swiss Cheeseburger

Pretzel Bun or Onion Bun + Compliments Ground Chuck Beef Burger Onion Swiss + Compliments Cremini Mushrooms (sauteed) + Compliments Sliced Swiss Cheese + Compliments Steak Sauce.

Think of this as the burger version of a steak, smothered in sauteed cremini mushrooms, lacquered with Compliments Steak Sauce and topped off with a savoury slice of Swiss cheese. Perfection in every bite.

Turkey Kale Burger topped with Ceasar salad and all of the fixings on a blue plate.

Turkey Kale Caesar Burger

Sesame Bun + Compliments Caesar Dressing + torn romaine + shredded Parmesan cheese + cooked Compliments Naturally Smoked Thick Cut Bacon

This turkey kale burger gets the royal treatment with a lashing of Compliments Caesar dressing atop torn romaine lettuce, crisp Compliments Naturally Smoked Thick Cut Bacon and shards of Parmesan cheese. All hail Caesar!

Seeded bun topped with a turkey burger patty, grilled corn, hot sauce, mayo, and crumbled feta cheese sitting on a blue gray plate.

Mexican Street Corn Burger

Multi Seed bun + Compliments Turkey Burger + grilled corn + hot sauce + mayo + crumbled Cotija or feta​​ cheese

Take to the streets—of Mexico, that is—with this burger inspired by the ever-popular “elote,” or grilled corn, that’s seasoned and enjoyed on city streets and beaches. Consider this your taste of the south, made at home.

Onion bun topped with a sirloin beef burger patty, grilled shrimp, seafood sauce, mayonnaise and greens sitting on a blue gray plate.

Surf & Turf Burger

Onion bun + Compliments Sirloin Beef Burger + grilled Compliments Naturally Simple Black Tiger Shrimp + Compliments Seafood Sauce (mild or hot) mixed with mayo + baby arugula or microgreens

Land and sea happily meet in this steakhouse classic that gets turned into the tastiest burger on the block! Shrimp, sirloin beef patties, your own “secret sauce,” and greens gussied up on a bun—all you need to do is dive in!

An everything spiced bagel topped with a fresh sockeye salmon burger patty, smoked salmon sliced, herbed cream cheese, red onion slices, capers and dill sitting on a blue gray plate.

Smoked Salmon Everything Bagel Burger​​

Everything bagel + fresh sockeye salmon burger (found in our Seafood Dept.) + smoked salmon + herbed cream cheese + red onion + capers + dill​​

Who doesn’t love to turn a tried-and-true classic on its head a bit? We take the smoked salmon and bagel combo and up the ante with a fresh sockeye salmon burger, herbed cream cheese, and the fixin’s for something truly patio worthy.

Beyond Meat burger patty on a whole wheat pita, topped with hummus, pickled beets, cucumber slices, tahini, red onion and arugula on a blue gray plate.

Vegan Falafel-Topper Burger​​​​

Soft whole wheat pita or seeded kaiser roll + Beyond Meat Burger Patty + hummus + pickled beets + cucumber slices + tahini sauce or tzatziki + red onion + arugula ​​

Whether you eat meat or not, you’ll love this vegan falafel-topper burger with a fresh Mediterranean twist. Don’t forget the pickles!

Smash burger on an English muffin topped with a fried egg, hash browns, bacon and a drizzle of maple syrup on a blue gray plate.

Best Brunch Burger​​​​​​

English muffin or brioche bun + prepared smash burger from our Meat Dept. + fried egg + Compliments Hash Browns + bacon + Panache 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

Brunch or brinner time is any time in our books. This burger takes some of the best brunchable moments and turns them into a homemade masterpiece—smash burger patty, bacon, and maple syrup included!

Lean chicken burger patty sandwiched in a seeded bun, topped with hot sauce, iceberg lettuce, Buffalo mayonnaise and blue cheese sitting on a blue gray plate.

Buffalo Chicken Burger

Seeded Kaiser bun + Compliments Balance Extra Lean Chicken Burger + hot sauce + shredded iceberg lettuce + blue cheese + Buffalo Mayo ​​(mix 2 tbsp/30 mL brown sugar, ½ cup/125 mL mayo, hot sauce and chopped celery)

Bring this pub favourite burger to your grill this summer and win them over with your secret weapons: your homemade Buffalo mayo and our Compliments Lean Chicken Burger patties.

Pretzel bun topped with a Compliments prime rib burger, sauerkraut, Compliments Thousand Island Dressing, Swiss cheese and deli pastrami slices, sitting atop a blue gray plate.

The Reuben Burger​​

Pretzel bun or dark seeded bun + Compliments Prime Rib Burger + sauerkraut + Compliments Thousand Island Dressing + Swiss cheese + pastrami slices (from our Deli Dept.)

It’s like the deli, only better! A prime rib burger patty with your favourite dressing, slices of Swiss and pastrami? Pass the pickles!

Sesame bun topped with a Compliments pork burger patty, fried egg, kimchi, kimchi mayonnaise and cheese sitting on a blue gray plate.

Kimchi Burger​​

Sesame bun + Compliments Pork Belly Burger + fried egg + kimchi + Swiss cheese or mozzarella slice + Kimchi Mayo​​ (mix ½ cup/125 mL Compliments Mayonnaise + 2 tbsp/30 mL kimchi juice + ¼ tsp/1 mL) cayenne pepper)

Craving Korean? Fire up the grill and get flipping with our Compliments Pork Belly Burger topped with a fried egg, kimchi and your own homemade Kimchi Mayo—yes, you read that correctly!

Fresh angus burger topped with ripple potato chips, red leaf lettuce and onion dip spread sitting on a blue gray plate.

Chip & Dip Burger

Compliments Brioche Bun + our Meat Dept.’s fresh chuck bacon and cheddar or fresh Angus beef burger + Compliments Regular Ripple Potato Chips + red leaf lettuce + Onion Dip Spread​ (mix ½ cup/125 mL French onion chip dip + 2 tbsp/30 mL milk + 1 green onion, finely chopped; stir until smooth)​​

Whether it’s a pool party or movies on the big screen in your backyard, don’t forget these fresh chuck burgers that get the A-list treatment. Topped with rippled chips and an onion dip spread that you whipped up, these are red carpet–worthy creations.

Compliments burger topped with Compliments macaroni and cheese, cheese puffs and bread and butter pickles on a blue/gray plate.

Triple Mac & Cheeseburger ​​

Brioche bun + Compliments Cheddar & Bacon Stuffed Burger + Compliments Macaroni & Cheese + Cheetos + bread and butter pickles ​​​​​

Double down on mac & cheese with this cheddar and bacon stuffed burger topped with Compliments Macaroni & Cheese and your favourite cheese-puff snack. Nostalgic and delicious all in one bite!

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